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8. Because this is fun, and you know it!

SONG MEME, stolen from glimmercakes 

1. Tell me that you love me more (2nd line). (1, 2, 3, 4 - Feist byohtheconfession . I ♥ Feist )
2. He lives underground, he knows you deep deep down.
3. Gone, she's gone, how do you feel about it.
4. Oh, next light bust a right, it's gonna be too hard.
5. These chords are old but we shake hands. (Good Man - Josh Ritter by entity22 )
6. Two jealous sisters, they're waiting for me (2nd line)
7. Can I walk with you in Portland (7th line)
8. Take a look at my body, look at my hands (My Skin - Natalie Merchant by entity22 )
9. Ever dance with the devil baby? Oh no.
10. Heart attack, jack-in-the-box.
11. I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word. ( Viva La Vida - Coldplay by coffee_mill
12. I want to, I want to be someone else or I'll explode.
13. Day to day, where do you want to be? (See the World - Gomez by entity22 )
14. Her skin is like velvet, her face cut from stone.
15. Into this house were born, into this world were thrown (2nd line). (Riders on the Storm - The Doors by maquiladora7 )
16. Candy talks to strangers, thinks her life’s in danger.
17. An ocean of you, I’m lost in wave upon a daze.
18. I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam (2nd line). ( Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty soundtrack by glimmercakes )
19. I was lost, I was lost, crossed line I shouldn’t have crossed (3rd line). ( In My Place - Coldplay by housebell )
20. The Atlantic was born today and I'll tell you how. (Transatlanticism - DCFC by maquiladora7 )
21. When you think about it he's watching every word you say, hey, dazed.
22. Dear hero imprisoned, with all the new crimes that you are perfecting.
23. There’s a place in the sun, for anyone who has the will to chase one.
24. I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. ( My Girl - The Temptations by annaxbanana )
25. I’m stuck in the Tardis, trapped in hyperspace. ( Up on the Ladder - Radiohead by danceonstardust )


This should be pretty easy.


Tags: 2009 resolution: ramble more
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