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85. pimping post

Some time ago, I wrote a prompt for the very lovely 0penhearts and her Advent Calendar meme. My prompt was: The Little Mermaid (the fairy tale in general) AU, where the Prince finds Mermaid is not human, freaks out and locks her up

And she made me this mix *g*

Where You Were When You Reached the Frontier
Download links HERE

Hearts wrote a really lovely write-up to accompany this mix. Alas, LJ was being its douchy self and ate her original post :|

I don't remember the exact words of the write-up/author's note but the point is it was about how unfairy tale-like this Mermaid is; no singing animals and definitely no Disney's Prince Eric. But Hearts was very optimistic; her story ended with Mermaid surviving and moving on with her life.

And I told her earlier that my version of the story was Mermaid getting a revenge by gathering all magical superpower-ed underwater creatures to take a revenge against Prince and his fellow humans and everyone pretty much ended up dead.

Heh. I love Hearts' version, especially because I realized how old-fashioned mine was. I mean: Woman and magic? It's one of the things I would write an essay about back in college; judging myself right now! I think Hearts' shows that Mermaid can "take it like a man," so to speak (But I don't know; I might be wrong. I can't remember the original write-up. LJ, why did you have to be such a douche?)

Anyways, please let me/Hearts know if you're taking :]
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