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HOUSE drabble: The Itch

A HOUSE drabble. Based on a possible season 5 spoiler.

Title: The Itch
Author: mabe85 
Rating: General
Character/Pairing: House, Cameron, House/Cameron
Word Count: 120-ish
Warning: Possible season 5 spoiler
Author's Note: Although recent spoilers have left me bruised and battered, this particular one lights a hope inside me. I just wish everything means something in the end.

The Itch
First symptom: The itch.

House watched Cameron as she walked back and forth in the other room. Of all doctors in Princeton, he was the one to end up with her in this agoraphobic's house.

(Of all young doctors in Princeton, she was the one to step into his office 4 years ago).

She was like the itch. An allergy-and here he paused to snort at the irony-that kept coming back and forth. A sensory sensation he so desperately wanted to get rid off. To scratch off. Just dug his nails deep into it and scraped it all off.

Well, he did it. He scratched her off.

And even now he was still trying to figure out a way to remove the mark she left.
Tags: fic: the itch, ship: house/cameron, show: house md
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